I am so grateful for the gospel, and for the sacrifice of the son,
so that we might have resurrection and be assured of our place beyond the veil.
from the Journal of Elaine Murry [February 16. 1980]

Monday, June 15, 2009

from Elaine's journal

[February 3, 1980]

Today is Sunday and during the past 4 days much has happened. Thursday I went to a staff meeting for the Gen. Library. La Dean was kind enough to watch my 2 little ones. After the meeting Peggy and I during her lunch hour finished our visiting teaching the 31st of Jan. you know! Harris and I planned to go home teaching and I came home to fix an early dinner. Then Sheila and Paula came in quite upset about Paula's Mom. They were not very happy when the answer to their plea was "NO". Sheila could not spend the night at Paula's. If Pat was that ill we must get help from their home teachers. Ron was out of town. We waited til Lisa came home to tend our kids as Debra was with her Beehive class on an Ice Skating outing. Sheila, Harris, and I went and stayed with Pat until about 9:00. She seemed in a much better way when we left. Debra came home at 9:30 really excited with all of the fun of the trip. At 10:00 we were all settled down to bed. At 11:30 we were awakened by Paula knocking at our window. She was really upset. The group of girls in a van from the First Ward was in a big wreck. 4 killed and 8 hospitalized. Paula's sister Rhonda was hurt and her Mom had gone to Vegas to be with her. I went to Paula's to spend the night with her and the boys. It was a very long miserable night. I was impressed with striving for the lasting eternal things. We often lose sight of the things that happen for the eternities. This life is but for a moment in God's time. We should learn to love each other and give it freely expecting nothing in return. I was so glad Paula felt she could come to us for help. About 1:30 Vern Waite came to tell us what he had been able to find out. Then we went to bed. I think Paula slept briefly. At 3:00 Charlie and Twila came. They had been in Vegas at the hospital. Waiting for morning was long, long. At about 4:00 the cat had a drink and then wanted out. I had shut the window so Paula got up and let him out. She shut the window and came back to bed. We lay still and warm. Pretty Soon. Whop!! the cat hit the window we laughed and laughed. He must have had his feelings hurt because Paula couldn't find him. (I'll continue in the am.)

[February 6, 1980]

The last two days have been trying times. Especially for the families of the deceased. It has been a testimony, a visual testimony just to watch them support and love each other. Each family attended ALL of the funerals. At Fern Barber's small girls funeral the husband of Mitzi Ozaki, the father of Laurel McMurray and the father of Jodi Belcher were honerary pall bearers. Each funeral let us glimpse for a moment into eternity where we all will be a covenant family if we are able to endure to the end. The Stake Y.W. Pres. of which I am the Secretary was asked to sit on the stand and support the Beehive families and leaders family. Mitzi was one of the greatest youth leaders. You know that she can never be replaced and yet Lorie Wollenzein, Laurel's Merrie Miss teacher last year gave a beautiful sermon that I know the Lord will raise up many great leaders. The McMurray funeral added so much. It was the only one that had women speakers. Louise Doty and Lorie Wollenzein. After they spoke Pres. Whitney said he was so impressed that he knew more vividly that the Priesthood was given to men to try to put them on a more equal footing with women. This may not be so but it made me appreciate my role as a woman more. I love my Mom and the example she has been to me. I am so blessed to have 7 lovely daughters and pray I might be a more worthy mother. It is going to be a great challenge to come through the hardships that are to come. These trials are teaching my daughters of God. I would that they would come to know Him! His love and mercy are never failing. I know this and am grateful for this knowledge. Today is R.S. and dear Sandy Leavitt is to teach us a lesson on the Savior. It will be hard for her but the Lord will help her.

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Karena said...

Wow, I didn't expect to cry!
Thanks so much for sharing her thoughts and words in a troubled time!

All about me... in my own words [contributor: Teresa Murry]

Where were you born? 'I was born in LaVerkin, Utah.'
What was your first job? 'It was a bank job--book-keeper at First National--Later I became a teller, even when I was pregnant with Sheila.'
What was your education? 'No college.'
What was your most frightening moment? 'When I was sixteen I almost hit a guy and your Grandma was scared.'
What is your favorite holiday and why? 'Easter. Potato salad and ham.'
What is your favorite music? 'Hymnals. When I was challenged with my 1977 cancer I packed a hymnal to the hospital and there I would sing from it's pages. My roommate would ask for more, more.'
What were your childhood chores? 'I had Loris do them all. I always did less than more.'
What do you miss the most about your Mother? 'The way she smelled- Coty powder was probably the reason. She would always powder her face.'
What tradition do you carry on from your Mother? 'Potato Salad. if my Mother made it, it would be good. I was a fussy eater when I was 5 to 6 years old. I hated to eat when I was little, so bad that I would throw up.'
What is your favorite dish to make? 'Potato Salad.'
What are your memories of your Mother? Mother cut everything exactly so.'
Did you have a pet as a child? 'No. My boyfriend gave me a dog when I was fourteen and i gave it to Judy. She named it Curly. She took it to save it's hairy life. We had a family of kittens in the laundry room, they wouldn't sell so we got rid of them.'
Where was your home as a child? 'It was the Lewis street home. I shared the garage with Loris.'
Did you have any boyfriends before Harris? 'No more than a hundred.'
Who was your first boyfriend? 'Ralph Adams.'
Who and when was your first kiss? 'I don't recall. I was very bold. I kissed everyone goodnight. I had a very ugly friend Eldon Clothier-I was Eldon's first kiss.'
When was your first kiss with Harris? 'November 20, 1958 at the Huntridge Theater & mt. Charleston.'
What is your favorite weather? 'I don't enjoy the summer. Winter is my favorite for mild, nice times.'
What is your favorite smell? 'Rain on the desert. Sagebrush.'
What is your favorite 'Murry Tradition'? 'The Christmas prayer chart made by Grandma.'
Why don't you like to swim? 'I fell off Grandpa's shoulders as a child and I have a fear of water. I don't like swimming.'
How did the cow tradition come about? 'At the first sisters reunion. Janice always kept the tradition of course.'

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